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Paper Shredder Security Information

Types of Security Levels

There are currently six types of security levels available for paper shredders. Security-level one is the least secure and security-level six is the most secure. It is usually recommended to use at least a security-level three when shredding secure documents. Security-level six is reserved for top-secret documents. This is a list of the six types of security levels and what the general particle dimensions and applications are for each.

Security Level Shredding Sizes

Security Level 1

Designed for shredding general records, internal documents, and documents that need to be illegible after they expire.

Security Level 2

Designed for the shredding of internal/in-house documents. For shredding documents such as computer printouts or poor quality photocopies.

Security Level 3

Designed for shredding confidential documents and personal data.

Security Level 4

Designed for shredding secret documents and more sensitive information. Can be used by companies to shred confidential documents.

Security Level 5

Designed and approved by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Canadian R.C.M.P. for top secret shredding. Ideal for high-security requirements.

Security Level 6

This is the highest level of shredder security currently available. Backed by the U.S. government and the NSA. Ultra secure shredding for the most sensitive documents.
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